Egg Freezing

Freezing eggs is now possible and successful.  This procedure is initially the same as IVF; ovulation induction followed by oocyte retrieval.  Unlike IVF, the eggs are not inseminated. Instead the eggs are evaluated for their quality with a procedure called polar body biopsy.  The polar body is a small package of chromosomes, which the oocyte extruded when dividing from 46 to 23 chromosomes.  This is a mirror image of the chromosomes inside the oocyte.  The eggs are frozen, and those that are chromosomally normal can later be thawed and inseminated.  There are various reasons why a woman may want to do this.  Some women want to preserve their reproductive potential, and need, or want to postpone pregnancy. Age and fertility are intimately linked in women. Some women want to preserve their fertility potential if they have been diagnosed with cancer and will be receiving chemotherapy.  There are women/couples which for religious beliefs are concerned about the possibility of having extra embryos which they may not want to transfer.  Whatever the reason, egg freezing is now possible and an option for certain individuals/couples.

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