Individual and Group Support Services

Bringing the bedroom into the office is always difficult; going through the necessary tests and treatments is not easy.  Every person going through fertility evaluation and treatment experiences many emotions;  hope, anxiety, depression, frequently all at the same time.  Stress undermines wellbeing in many ways, and going through fertility treatment is stressful.  It can interfere with every aspect of a person’s life, professional and interpersonal. It is important to have a supportive environment while going through this process.  Our mental health professionals are available for individual or couples counseling.  It is not uncommon for a couple to approach fertility treatment differently.  It is important to have a safe place to process these differences.
As there is such a common denominator in the emotional aspect of going through fertility treatment, support groups are tremendously helpful.  Having a professional person teach individuals and groups coping skills is critical.  We offer various services to meet the needs of our patients.  Please take advantage of these services.  Emotions are powerful, and you do not have to go it alone.

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