Ovulation Induction

A basic premise in the treatment of infertility is to increase the monthly chance of conception.  Towards this end, it is helpful to increase the number of gametes, eggs and sperm, which are available.

Ovulation Induction is a basic treatment in infertility.  In a natural cycle a woman produces one egg.  The health of this egg varies from month to month.  Not all eggs, once fertilized, have the potential of producing an ongoing pregnancy.  The percentage of healthy eggs has a correlation with the age of the woman.  By increasing the number of eggs that a woman produces during a menstrual cycle, there is a greater likelihood of one egg being “healthy.”  There are a number of different medications that are used to do this.  The cycle is monitored by doing ultrasounds to guard against too many eggs ovulating.  Ideally, one would like to have 2 or 3 eggs ovulate (released from the ovary) to increase the monthly chance of pregnancy.  By using ultrasound with ovulation induction the chance of a multiple gestation (more than one baby) is minimized.

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